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Charge And Discharge Lab Testing Equipment 100V / 50A Battery

Charge And Discharge Lab Testing Equipment 100V / 50A Battery

  • Charge And Discharge Lab Testing Equipment 100V / 50A Battery
  • Charge And Discharge Lab Testing Equipment 100V / 50A Battery
Charge And Discharge Lab Testing Equipment 100V / 50A Battery
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Skyline
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Battery charge and discharge tester
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: polywood case
Delivery Time: 15 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1 pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Discharge Voltage: 80-132V Charging Voltage: 95-150V
Discharging Current: 0-50A Charging Current: 0-40A
Voltage Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5%FS+0.1V Current Measurement Accuracy: ±1%FS+0.1A Max:100A
Working Voltage: 220V AC(–20%~+30%) Host Size(mm): 483*230*400
Weight: 22KG
High Light:

Charge And Discharge Lab Testing Equipment


Lab Testing Equipment 100V 50A

 100V/50A-Battery Charge & Discharge Tester Lab Testing Equipment


Product Description of Lab Testing Equipment

The battery charge/discharge tester is a high efficiency test instrument newly developed by our company for quickly solving the battery pack check discharge experiment, battery pack residual capacity test, single unit inspection, and battery daily maintenance. The instrument adopts advanced charging and discharging control technology at home and abroad, and is specially designed for battery charging, discharging, cyclic charging and discharging tests according to the charging and discharging characteristics of lead-acid and lithium batteries. The tester can monitor the battery voltage, discharge current, discharge duration, discharge capacity and other parameters during the discharge process in real time; the instrument adopts an intelligent embedded operating system and supports wireless data transmission to realize the networking of battery testing, which makes battery pack maintenance and management easier and more scientific, thus extending the service life of the battery pack. It can be widely used in various industries such as communication, electric power, tower, battery manufacturers, new energy vehicle enterprises, railroad, subway, petrochemical, etc. With the advantages of easy operation and safe charging and discharging, it is the ideal test tool for DC system operation and maintenance testing.

Product Feature of Lab Testing Equipment

  • Product discharge using polymeric positive temperature coefficient resistor (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient) referred to as PTC, the device can play a protective role in the circuit when the current surge is too large, too high temperature, with overcurrent (such as short circuit) self-protection function, overcurrent resistance value increases sharply, to limit the current to avoid damage to the components in the circuit. When the fault is removed, the temperature of the PTC device automatically drops and returns to a low resistance state, with a high safety factor, avoiding the red hot phenomenon and a stronger environmental adaptability, making the whole discharge test process more safe and stable.
  • The main control board adopts the imported STMicroelectronics high-performance ARM CPU: stable performance, high frequency, powerful, dual CPU redundancy design in the discharge process, the main CPU is responsible for the operation and processing of instructions, the secondary CPU is responsible for alarm monitoring and process control, when there is an emergency situation, the main and secondary CPUs will The main CPU is responsible for instruction calculation and processing, while the secondary CPU is responsible for alarm monitoring and process control. In case of emergency, the main and secondary CPUs will lock the output at the same time

Charge And Discharge Lab Testing Equipment 100V / 50A Battery 0

                           Fig.1 Control Board Processor Physical Drawing

  • 7-inch true color touch screen: 7-inch high-definition LCD with a resolution of 1024x800 can be used to visually display histograms, tables, graphs, data reports, help documents, etc. The touch panel is a military grade multilayer composite film resistive touch panel with strong anti-interference ability, especially suitable for electromagnetic interference and transient pulse interference generated by power stations, battery rooms and high-frequency chargers. The menu operation and page switching can be performed directly through the touch screen, and the whole operation is simple and clear.​
  • It has the function of charging and discharging parameter preset template: six commonly used test parameter templates are built-in, and the template data can be saved after power failure. After setting, as long as its parameters are not changed, it is always effective, saving the trouble of setting many parameters every time you start up. Meet the parameter settings of different types of batteries. The test can be started directly after power on. There is no need to set parameters frequently. The test is really started with one key, making the test simple and efficient.
  • The unit monitoring module adopts LORO wireless+RS485 wired transmission: compatible with 2V/4V/6V/12V four unit voltage level monitoring. And the built-in power supply, without external power supply. Each wireless module can monitor 12 batteries at the same time, which is simpler than the traditional connection mode where each module only monitors 4/6 individual voltages. There are two communication modes, wireless and wired, which can be switched according to the current situation (Note: single monitoring module is optional) 
  • Professional PC terminal data analysis and management software is equipped: it can carry out deep mining of test data generated by the equipment, including single voltage curve, whole group of voltage curves, whole group of current curves, single bar graph, real-time data table, password protection of upper computer software, experimental conclusion and other functions, and can automatically generate Excel/Word document format reports according to requirements and print and archive them. 
  • Powerful and convenient data storage and backup function: 8GB data storage space is built in, which can store more than 1000 groups of charging and discharging data, and supports functions such as viewing, analyzing and deleting historical data. A 16GB USB flash disk is equipped with the machine, which can transfer the test process data to the USB flash disk after inserting it into the USB port of the device, and then take the USB flash disk to the PC for data analysis and data backup management through the upper computer software.               
  • View of historical data curve: through the historical data curve function of the data management interface, you can view and query the built-in data files in the form of charts and oscillograms, as well as zoom in, zoom out, move left and right of the oscillograms from multiple angles 



  • A variety of test discharge termination conditions can be set, including discharge capacity, discharge duration, single low voltage, low voltage of the whole group. After any test condition is met, the discharge will be automatically stopped, as well as over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, abnormal data storage, reverse connection of voltage test terminals and other test fault alarm displays. 
  • A variety of test charging termination conditions can be set, including discharge capacity, charging duration, single low voltage upper limit, and whole group voltage upper limit. Charging will be automatically stopped when any of the test conditions is met. 
  • It has the activation and repair function: the package can activate the active substance of the negative electrode vulcanization through the activation function, cycle the charge and discharge, reduce the decline of the capacity, and improve the battery life. 
  • Self calibration function: the instrument is equipped with voltage and current calibration correction function, which can calibrate the measurement results on site. The measurement error can be repeatedly calibrated and corrected to ensure the measurement accuracy. This function is especially suitable for use when there is a requirement for consistency between instrument readings and field instruments.
  • The single monitoring interface of the instrument supports viewing the single voltage data in multiple ways: the single battery voltage is collected in real time and displayed in two ways, namely, histogram/table, for the convenience of evaluation and analysis, and for the convenience of intuitively displaying the battery voltage status.

Echnical parameters of Lab Testing Equipment

Echnical parameters
Product model 110V battery system
discharge voltage 80-132V
Charging voltage 95-150V
Discharging current 0-50A
Charging current 0-40A
Instrument functional characteristics
Display function 7-inch LCD touch screen, resolution 1024x800
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.5%FS+0.1V
Current measurement accuracy ±1%FS+0.1A max:100A
Single voltage display accuracy 0.01V
Wireless patrol function (optional) Compatible with 2V/6V/12V monomer voltage monitoring. Each wireless monitoring module can monitor 12 monomers at the same time
Display accuracy of charging and discharging current 0.1A
Data storage capacity Built in: 8Gbit FLASH; External 16G storage
Data communication RS485*3;USB*1
Operating mode Constant voltage/constant current/constant power, parallel/slave control possible
Protection performance (LCD reminder+buzzer alarm)
Host protection function Shutdown protection triggered by over temperature, over current and out of control current
Reverse connection protection function Acoustic and optical alarm prompt for polarity connection
Abnormal protection Power failure of power line and main cable
Over temperature protection Built in temperature sensing probe, when the temperature exceeds 75 ℃, the device will automatically stop discharging
Emergency stop protection External air switch circuit breaker for emergency stop protection
Work environment
Heat dissipation mode Forced air cooling
Temperature Operating temperature range: - 5~50 ℃ Storage temperature: - 40~70 ℃
Humidity relative humidity:0~90%(40±2℃)
Altitude Rated altitude≤4000 米
Working power supply
Voltage Single phase three wire system: 220V AC(–20%~+30%),Frequency :45~65Hz;
Voltage withstand test INPUT-casing: 2200Vdc 1min
INPUT-OUTPUT: 2200Vdc 1min
OUTPUT-casing: 700Vdc 1min
Safety EN610950
Instrument dimensions
Host size(mm) 483*230*400
Weight 22KG
Cable wiring

Cable quick connect plug (red plus black minus), size: current mm ²* 3m, 1 positive and 1 negative


































































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