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EN54-7 / EN14604 Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel

EN54-7 / EN14604 Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel

  • EN54-7 / EN14604 Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel
  • EN54-7 / EN14604 Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel
  • EN54-7 / EN14604 Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel
EN54-7 / EN14604 Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SKYLINE
Certification: CE
Model Number: SL-FA01
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: negotiated
Packaging Details: Plywood case
Delivery Time: 40 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1 unit/ month
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Detailed Product Description
SKYLINE: EN54-7/14604 Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel Standards: EN54-7"point-type Smoke Detectors": EN14604
The Test Area: 425mm*425mm*1100mm Airflow Speed: 0.8m/s±0.1m/s, 0.2m/s±0.04m/s, 1.0m/s±0.2m/s
Optical Measurement Length: Not More Than 1.1m Emitter: Beam Wavelength Of 800nm ~ 950nm
High Light:

Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel





EN54-7/EN14604 Smoke Fire Detector Test Tunnel


Product introduction 

I. Scope of application:

1.1 Applicable to civil buildings installed in accordance with the scattered light, transmitted light principle (photoelectric principle) work of the alarm of the independent smoke-sensing fire detection alarms, point-type smoke-sensing fire detectors each functional test.

1.2 Testing items:

1.2.1 Response threshold test

1.2.2 Function test

1.2.3 Polarity reversal test

1.2.4 Power-on test

1.2.5 Repeatability test;

1.2.6 Orientation test;

1.2.7 Consistency test;

1.2.8 Air flow test;

1.2.9 Ambient light test;

1.2.10 High temperature test

II standard

2.1 Comply with EN54-7"point-type smoke detectors": EN14604


III the main technical characteristics:

3.1 Ring box: modular design, with a sensor pre-hole, reserved production plug frame interface, with upgrading and expansion space;

3.2 Control part: developed by GXWORKS2 and GOOLMAYHMI development software, with clear and simple interface, it can automatically identify alarm, air change, record, automatic angle rotation, wind speed switching, etc., and display the test parameters such as wind speed, temperature, concentration, and rate of smoke rise;

3.3 Optical densitometer: reflective, vibration isolation design, automatic zero correction, automatic correction of smoke pollution measurement deviation;

3.4 Test smoke: the use of liquid paraffin aerosol generator. Uniform particle size distribution, stable smoke production, particle size accounts for more than 90% of the number of smoke particles. Automatic smoke generation, closed-loop control of the rate of rising smoke by the control host, automatically remove the remaining smoke from the pipeline;

3.5 Circulating wind, smoke mixing and heating insertion box: six circulating fans, fan using PWM control, two-layer smoke mixing board, SCR control heating rod;

3.6 Motorized lifting plate: controlled by servo motor, automatically controlling the azimuth of the smoke installation lifting plate, set with adapter plate;

3.7 Exhaust smoke and air exchange part: controlled by high-flow fan, with check valve controlled by computer programme execution;

3.8 Air intake system: adopting multi-layer filter to ensure clean air intake in the smoke box;



IV. Main technical parameters:

4.1 Composition of the instrument: it consists of annular box, smoke production device, test area, smoke concentration measurement, airflow regulation part, and measurement part;

4.2 Test box:

4.2.1 Composition: composed of test area, motorized lifting disc, smoke exhaust and air exchange part, air intake part and measurement part;

4.2.2 Structure: closed-loop hermetic box structure. The box is three layers, the inner layer is aluminum foil, the middle is rubber-plastic insulation layer, and the outer shell is high-temperature electrostatic baking paint.

4.2.3 Specification: the test area is 425mm*425mm*1100mm;

4.2.4 Airflow speed: 0.8m/s±0.1m/s, 0.2m/s±0.04m/s, 1.0m/s±0.2m/s;

4.3 Smoke production device:

4.3.1 Test smoke: using liquid paraffin aerosol generator;

4.3.2 particle size: 0.2um~1.0um, accounting for more than 90% of the number of smoke particles;

4.3.3 Good reproducibility and stability of particle size distribution;



4.3.4 Test smoke injection rate into the smoke box: photoelectric detector (m value): 0.015dBm-1 min-1≤Δm/Δt≤0.1dBm-1min-1;

4.3.5 Stability of smoke production and test smoke: ensure the stability of the test smoke by monitoring the stability of the smoke rising rate dBm-1min-1;

4.3.6 Smoke generation control mode: Smoke rising mode: gradually increase the smoke concentration according to the preset smoke rising rate, and close-loop correction of the smoke rising rate in the process; Constant smoke mode: keep the smoke concentration value to the preset level after rising smoke to a constant concentration, and the fluctuation rate of constant smoke concentration is not more than ±0.01dB/m.

4.4 Response threshold measurement:

4.4.1 Measurement method: there are optical method measurement;

4.4.2 Optical method measurement of response threshold. working principle: with the light-sensitive coefficient m value (unit dB / m) that the detector alarm moment of the smoke density, measured by the photoelectric detector, that is, with the light-sensitive coefficient m value (unit dB / m), the calculation formula is m = (10 / d) lg (P0 / P); Optical measurement length: not more than 1.1m; Emitter: beam wavelength of 800nm ~ 950nm; Response time (T90): ≤3s; Measurement range: light reduction coefficient range 0.001~1.1dB/m; Measurement error: (m*5%±0.02) dB/m; Resolution: 0.001dB/m; Before each measurement, the reading of the measuring instrument is compared with the reading in clean air (zero point), and the measurement error is ≤0.02dB/m; Light source: 800nm~950nm infrared light source; Acceptor: Japan Hamamatsu silicon light tube.


4.5 High temperature test:

4.5.1 Smoke box working temperature: room temperature ~70℃;

4.5.2 Rate of temperature rise: <1℃;

4.5.3 Heating power: 3kw;

4.5.3 Temperature uniformity: deviation of each region on the cross-section of the test area ≤ 0.2 ℃;

4.5.4 One-key start, alarm automatic identification, automatic completion of the angle rotation, cold threshold test, heating, heat preservation, high-temperature threshold test, recording, angle reset. Temperature curve, smoke concentration curve, rising smoke rate curve can be viewed;

4.6 Flash device:

4.6.1 Structure: a hexahedral cubic box with 4 non-drinking surfaces lined with glossy aluminum foil on the inside side;

4.6.2 Fluorescent lamps: each fluorescent lamp has a power of 30 W, a colour temperature of 3200 K^-4200 K, and a diameter of about 380 mm. They are fixed on the inside of each of the 4 closed surfaces;

4.6.3 The detector is mounted in the centre of the top surface of the hexahedron so that the light can reach the detector from the top, bottom and sides;

4.6.4 Lamp: first aging 100 h after use, use 2000h after the lamp should be scrapped ;

4.6.5 External dimensions: 380 * 380 * 380mm.

4.7 Control section:

4.7.1 consists of two parts: touch screen and computer control part;

4.7.2 Test curve: smoke concentration curve, rising smoke curve;

4.7.3 Data access and recording: automatic storage of test data, maximum 10000 items per item, can form EXCEL report;

4.7.4 Data acquisition: composed of acquisition card, temperature module, AD module;

4.8 overall structure:

4.8.1 chassis material: the main body of high-quality steel plate, high-temperature electrostatic baking paint;

4.8.2 Overall dimensions: length * width * height of 2600mm * 820mm * 1640mm;

4.8.3 Box material: USU304 # stainless steel, the middle of the 10mm heat insulation cotton;

4.8.4 Fixing method: the equipment comes with casters (with brakes), the whole smoke box can be adjusted by overall lift (150mm)

4.8.5 Power supply: AC220V, total power 3.5KW.

4.9 Use of the environment:

4.9.1 Applicable ambient temperature: 13℃~35℃;

4.9.2 Applicable relative humidity: 55% ± 20

4.9.3 The ground should be flat and solid;

4.9.4 Surrounding ventilation;

4.9.5 Anti-vibration, anti-light environment




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