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UL 1685 / UL 2556 Standard Vertical Flame And Smoke Release Test Chamber For Fibre Optic Cables

UL 1685 / UL 2556 Standard Vertical Flame And Smoke Release Test Chamber For Fibre Optic Cables

  • UL 1685 / UL 2556 Standard Vertical Flame And Smoke Release Test Chamber For Fibre Optic Cables
  • UL 1685 / UL 2556 Standard Vertical Flame And Smoke Release Test Chamber For Fibre Optic Cables
  • UL 1685 / UL 2556 Standard Vertical Flame And Smoke Release Test Chamber For Fibre Optic Cables
UL 1685 / UL 2556 Standard Vertical Flame And Smoke Release Test Chamber For Fibre Optic Cables
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SKYLINE
Certification: CE
Model Number: SL-7601S
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: negotiated
Packaging Details: plywood case
Delivery Time: 35 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1 unit/ month
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Detailed Product Description
UL: UL Cable Vertical-Tray Flaming Test Room(UL1685) Inner Size: Height 3353mm, Length 2438mm, Width 2438mm;
Propane Flow Meter: 230 Mm³/s Air Flow Meter: 1330 Mm³/s
Standard Luminous Flux: 2000lm-3000lm Test Pipe: Inner Diameter Is 405 Mm And The Length Is 5500 Mm, Made Of USU304# Stainless Steel
High Light:

UL 1685 Vertical Flame Test Chamber


CE Vertical Flame Test Chamber


UL 1685 / UL 2556 Standard Vertical Flame and Smoke Release Test Chamber for Wire, Cable and Fibre Optic Cables


I. Application

1.1 Applicable to check the cable and fibre optic cable flame FT4 combustion standards of vertical Man Yan and smoke release;

1.2 test method: the cable and fibre optic cable vertically tied to the rack burning, the end of the test to check the cable and fibre optic cable burning height and smoke production.


II.Compliance with standards:


2.1 UL2556-2016 "Wire and Cable Test Methods" section 9.6 "Vertical tray flame tests (Method 1-Vertical tray and Method 2-FT4). -FT4)" and Appendix H;

2.2 Compliance with UL1581-2019 "Reference Standard for Electrical Wires, Cables, and Flexible Cords", Section 11.1.

and Flexible Cords, Section 1164, "FT4/IEEE 1202 Vertical-Tray Flame Test";

2.3 Comply with UL1685-2018 "Standard for Vertical-Tray Fire-Propagation and Smoke-Release Test for Electrical and Optical-Fiber Cables".

Three, the main technical parameters:

3.1 Instrument composition: test box, smoke collection tower, piping, ignition source, test frame, optical system, data acquisition and processing and other components;


3.2 Test room:

3.2.1 Inner size: height 3353mm, length 2438mm, width 2438mm;

3.2.2 Structure: constructed of squares made of brick (see Fig. 1) or made of stainless steel panels with thermal insulation (see Fig. 2),


3.2.3 Access door: there is an access door in front of the test chamber, specification 2.1m high, 0.9mm wide, made of stainless steel, with an observation window, the observation window consists of toughened glass. Observation window size for the square 457mm * 457mm, left and right before and after a total of four of the same observation window;

3.2.4 Smoke collection tower: the top is conical, tilt angle of 40 degrees, installed in the cone on top of a size of 914mm square smoke collection tower.

3.2.5 Air source: There are four air inlets at the bottom of the test chamber, the front left and right are 559mm*343mm in length and width, the middle of the front (the bottom of the door) is 914mm*343mm, and the back is 2438mm*305mm in length and width;

3.2.6 Lighting: There are two lighting lamps installed on the left side of the test box.

3.2.6 Tray (test rack): Structure: consist of a stainless steel frame 305 mm wide, 76 mm deep and 2400 mm high, with each ladder in the centre spaced 25 mm apart, and ladder treads consisting of stainless steel 305 mm long and 13 mm wide. Installation of a steel plate on the top of the pallet, with dimensions of 610 x 610 mm and a thickness of 3.2 mm. The pallet is mounted vertically in the geometric centre of the test chamber.

Steel ladder, blowtorch, trolley


3.3 Pilot ignition source:

3.3.1 by a band-type propane gas torch and supporting flow meter and venturi mixer composition, the torch for the flat stainless steel disc length of 341mm, width of 30mm, its fire surface drilled with 242 holes with a diameter of 1.35mm. These holes in the centre of the distance of 3.2mm, staggered in three rows, each row of 81, 80 and 81, respectively, distributed in the nominal size of 257mm * 5mm range.


3.3.2 Position of ignition source: The torch shall be placed horizontally, 76 mm from the front surface of the wire specimen and symmetrical to the axis of the steel ladder. The torch ignition point is located in the centre of the steel ladder between the two crosspieces and is at least 457mm from the lower end of the specimen.

3.3.3 Flow Meter: A mass flow meter is used; Propane flow meter: 230 mm³/s; Air flow meter: 1330 mm³/s; Equipped with measuring flame height gauge.


3.4 Optical system: composed of transmitting part and receiving part, the distance between the light source and silicon photocell is 910mm;.

3.4.1. Emitting part: chimney lamp with quartz bulb. Standard power: 100w Standard voltage: DC 12v Standard luminous flux: 2000lm-3000lm The bulb is powered by 12v, the voltage is stable at ±0.01v, the bulb is mounted in a cover and the lens consists of a lens to adjust the beam. The beam diameter is 76mm. Acceptor: silicon photocell, its spectral response and the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) photometer to match the light transmittance of 0% for no light through the light transmittance is 100%, the light unobstructed completely through. Data acquisition: the output signal of the photocell is processed by the microcomputer into a continuous record of the amount of smoke shading, directly readable optical density and transmittance. Operation for the WINDOWSXP session, LABVIEW style, real-time display of measurement results during the test and dynamically plot the perfect curve. Data can be permanently saved, accessed and printed out, and reports can be printed directly.


3.5 Test pipe:

3.5.1 The inner diameter is 405 mm and the length is 5500 mm, made of USU304# stainless steel;

3.5.2 The pipe is connected to the collection hood. The inner diameter of the pipe D is 405 mm. in order to create a uniform flow distribution at the measurement point, the length of the straight section of the pipe at the point where the pipe is connected to the collection tower is 3600 mm.

4.5.2 Test pipe material: the use of double-layer pipe, the inner 1.2mm thick USU304 stainless steel, the middle of the asbestos layer, the outer 1.2mm thick white iron.

4.5.3 At the same time, in order to accurately measure the flow, our company in accordance with the provisions of the European Union standard EN14390, through the deflector sheet, before and after the test section to form a uniform flow surface.

4.5.4 Volume flow rate in the test pipe: the volume flow rate during the test is kept at 0.65±0.5m3/s of the exhaust air flow rate.

4.5.5 Bidirectional probe. Installation location: two-way probe to measure the volume flow in the exhaust pipe, the probe is installed in the left side of the collector box from the length of the pipeline centre line position of 4000mm, to the end of the test pipe connecting pipe length of 1500mm. probe for the length of 32mm, external diameter of 16mm cylinder, made of stainless steel material. The gas chamber is divided into two identical chambers and the pressure difference between the two chambers is measured by a pressure transducer; Differential pressure sensor: a high-precision differential pressure transmitter is used to measure the pipeline differential pressure. For high-precision bidirectional probe, the range is (0 ~ 200) Pa, accuracy of ± 1 Pa, pressure sensor 90% output response time of up to 1s;

4.5.6 thermocouple: the composite GB/T16839.1-1997 provisions of the K-type armoured thermocouple to measure the gas temperature in the region near the probe. Thermocouple wire diameter of 1.5mm.


4.6 Control system: the U.S. NI company instrumentation special development software LabeView, as well as Taiwan Advantech data acquisition control card; control of the test process can be viewed in real time test data curves, can achieve automatic data acquisition and processing, data preservation and output measurement results.



Brick room to be fabricated by end customer, drawings will be submitted by SKYLINE

Civil work including platform construction for 8.3-meter ducting and Exhaust fan shall be to customer scope. Detailed drawings will be shared by SKYLINE once the order is received.


SKYLINE is a company specializing in test equipment development and service Professional company.(is a professional manufacturer of various quality testing instruments.)

The company has a group of experienced technical managers and efficient.
Professional after-sales service personnel, strong technical force, advanced technology, product expertise,Has a rigorous testing system, fine quality management and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system.
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