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BS EN 1365 Vertical Furnace Fire Resistance Test For Non Load Bearing Part Walls

BS EN 1365 Vertical Furnace Fire Resistance Test For Non Load Bearing Part Walls

  • BS EN 1365 Vertical Furnace Fire Resistance Test For Non Load Bearing Part Walls
  • BS EN 1365 Vertical Furnace Fire Resistance Test For Non Load Bearing Part Walls
  • BS EN 1365 Vertical Furnace Fire Resistance Test For Non Load Bearing Part Walls
BS EN 1365 Vertical Furnace Fire Resistance Test For Non Load Bearing Part Walls
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SKYLINE
Certification: CE
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: negotiated
Packaging Details: plywood case
Delivery Time: 35 working days
Supply Ability: 1 unit/ month
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Detailed Product Description
SKYLINE: Vertical Furnace Refractory Bricks: The Highest Temperature Resistance 1750 ℃
Industrial Refractory Binder For Bonding: Temperature 1400℃ High-temperature Resistant Cotton: Thickness Of 50mm,refractory Temperature Of 1600 ℃
Furnace Size: 3000mm (W)*3000mm (H)*1500mm (D) Ground Bearing Pressure: 750kg/m2
High Light:

BS EN 1365 Vertical Furnace


Vertical Furnace Fire Resistance Test


BS EN 1365 Vertical Furnace for Fire resistance test for non-load bearing Part 1 Walls


I. Scope of application:

1.1 Applicable to the fire resistance test of doors and shutter assemblies installed in the openings of vertical separating elements; such as hinged doors, pivot doors, horizontal sliding doors, vertical sliding doors, (including link sliding doors and sectional doors), rolling doors, other sliding, folding doors, flap doors, panels that can be moved in the wall, etc., as well as the fire resistance test of building doors with doors without doors and shutters.

II. Standards

2.1 Conformity with standard BS EN 1364-1: 2015: "Fire resistance test for non-load bearing Part 1: Walls


III. Vertical Furnace Main Performance Features:

3.1 One furnace can be used for multiple purposes and can be compatible with multiple standards.

3.2 Adopt high-precision acquisition card to collect data of various aspects such as temperature, pressure and flow rate of each road, and analyze, process and control by microcomputer to produce real-time reproduction of real information at the time of combustion, and directly derive results by microcomputer analysis and determination; the whole machine adopts all high-quality devices to ensure the system is of high quality, high speed operation and advanced.

3.3 Adopt high-precision acquisition card + multi-circuit module + PLC + computer, and implement PID automatic control mode, with excellent stability, repeatability and reproducibility.

3.4 Adopting WINDOWS XP operation interface and LabView, a special development software for global precision equipment, the interface style is fresh, beautiful and simple. During the test, the measurement results are displayed in real time and the perfect curve is drawn dynamically, and the data can be saved, read and printed out permanently. With high intelligence, guided menu operation, easy and intuitive features, so that the test results are more accurate.

3.5 The design life of the furnace is more than 15 years, and the furnace is built with American GOVMARK (Gomak) technology. Five-layer structure, when the inner layer temperature 1300 ℃, the outer layer temperature is room temperature; long service life, the insulation material of the inner layer (wearing parts) is easy to replace.

3.6 Multiple safety protection systems including air duct thermal protection, pressure release protection, leakage protection, gas leak detection, gas line safety protection, burner safety protection and other safety facilities to enhance the safety factor in all aspects.

3.7 The high temperature hot air extracted from the furnace is water-cooled and air-cooled, and the water uses circulating water, which improves energy conservation.

IV. Vertical Furnace Structural engineering design of the furnace


4.1 Furnace construction: The furnace is designed to last for more than 15 years, and the furnace is built using GOVMARK (Gomak) technology from the USA. Five-layer structure, when the inner layer is 1300°C, the temperature of the outer layer is room temperature; long service life, the insulation material (wearing parts) of the inner layer is easy to replace. The five-layer structure, from outside to inside, is as follows: the first layer is a steel frame; the second layer is built with red bricks as a periphery; the third layer is refractory high-temperature asbestos; the fourth layer is refractory bricks; the fifth layer contains zirconium refractory high-temperature cotton, with a refractory temperature of 1600°C.

4.2 High temperature resistant materials.

4.2.1 refractory bricks: use temperature for the highest temperature resistance 1750 ℃, long time high temperature resistance 1600 ℃, bulk density 1.0g/cm3, room temperature compressive strength higher than 3.2MPa, 1400 ℃ refired line change of 0.5%, thermal conductivity better than 0.4W/m - K.

4.2.2 industrial refractory binder for bonding: use temperature 1400℃.

4.2.3 furnace high-temperature resistant cotton: using zirconium-containing refractory high-temperature cotton, thickness of 50mm, a long time refractory temperature of 1600 ℃, industrial kiln special insulation materials.

4.3 Material for frame: selection according to "Industrial Furnace Design Manual" (third edition), Chapter 11 - structural parts for furnace, section 3 - steel selection, furnace pillar, side pillar, arch foot beam, force crossbeam and tie rod, etc. choose Q235-A steel, furnace outer wall steel plate choose Q215-A steel. Furnace steel material: not less than Q235; furnace steel plate: thickness ≥ 3mm. horizontal furnace body material using steel frame, replaceable.

4.4 furnace size: 3000mm (W)*3000mm (H)*1500mm (D).

4.5 furnace steel structure and pipe anti-corrosion treatment: using three layers of coating, all high temperature resistant anti-corrosion coating, the outer layer of black and gray.


4.5 test furnace foundation , use space.

4.5.1 Test furnace foundation: the foundation is required to be strong and level, and the ground bearing pressure is 750kg/m2.

4.5.2 The required floor height is above 5.5 meters, and the total use area of the test area, control room, gas room, purification part and sample making part is above 150 square meters.

4.5.3 Environmental requirements: well ventilated and easy to operate. There are no flammable and explosive materials around. It is recommended to keep away from urban and residential areas and steel structure plant.

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