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16 CFR1633 Mattress Heat Emission Tester With Two Indicators

16 CFR1633 Mattress Heat Emission Tester With Two Indicators

  • 16 CFR1633 Mattress Heat Emission Tester With Two Indicators
16 CFR1633 Mattress Heat Emission Tester With Two Indicators
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SKYLINE
Certification: CE
Model Number: SL-CFR
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: negotiated
Packaging Details: plywood case
Delivery Time: 35 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 unit/ month
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Detailed Product Description
Mattress: Burning Test Apparatus Standard: 16CFR 1633
Gas Analyzer: Servomex Mass Flowmeter: Range 0-450mg/s, Accuracy ±(0.8%rdg+0.2%F.S.)
Calibrated Gas Flow Control: The Range Is 0-7g/s, The Accuracy Is ±(0.8%rdg+0.2%F.S.) Rotameter: A Range Of 0-1.5L/min
High Light:

Mattress Heat Emission Tester


16 CFR1633 Heat Emission Tester


16 CFR1633 Flammability Testing Equipment


16 CFR1633 Mattress Heat Emission Tester


Product introduction

CFR 1633 Mattress Heat Emission Tester. Two indicators should be set to limit the spread of flame on the mattress or mattress set. These two indicators are: the highest mattress/mattress set during the 30-minute test time The peak heat release must not exceed 200 kilowatts (kW), and the total heat release must not exceed 15 mega joules (MJ) during the first 10 minutes of the test.



Parameter configuration

  1. Flue gas flow controller system
Index item Technical and specification
1.1 Fume hood Installed directly above the opening of the combustion test chamber, 1.8~2.0 meters above the ground, the bottom size is 2440*2440mm, the height is 1000mm, and the material is SS304;
1.2 Flue gas homomixer Installation and the cone-shaped smoke collecting hood directly above, the size is 900*900*900mm, two 900*500 stainless steel plates are installed inside, and one side is opened with a φ400 opening to connect to the pipe, the material is SS304
1.3 Smoke exhaust pipe φ is 400mm, length 5000mm, composed of several sections, connected by flange and high temperature resistant sealing ring, both ends are installed with flue gas equalization device, material is SS304;
1.4 Exhaust fan Centrifugal exhaust fan, the inner tank is made of stainless steel, can withstand high temperature flue gas not less than 300℃, and the air volume is steplessly adjusted by the frequency converter
The smoke exhaust system is sufficient for all the smoke generated by the mobile phone combustion test, and the smoke exhaust capacity is not less than 8000m³/h;
2. Comprehensive measurement section
2.1 Comprehensive measurement section A stainless steel pipe section with a length of 2155mm and a diameter of 400mm, made of SS304, is equipped with sensors such as pressure, temperature, light path, and sampling;
2.2 Pressure sensing device The two-way probe, made of stainless steel, is installed in the center of the pipeline, and the front and back chambers are connected to the pressure difference sensor through the PTFE tube to detect the pressure difference in the pipeline;
The differential pressure sensor is installed on the bracket of the comprehensive measurement section to ensure that the differential pressure reading has a short delay and no loss, and the T90 response time is less than 3 seconds
Pressure sensor, range is 0-2000Pa, accuracy ±5Pa;
2.3 Temperature sensing device Adopt American Omega thermocouple, diameter 0.5mm, armored insulation type K thermocouple that meets IEC requirements;
Range 0-1000℃, accuracy 0.1℃
2.4 Optical path measuring device

The optical attenuation system is an incandescent light type, which is installed on the comprehensive measurement section with a flexible connector and includes the following devices: The lamp is an incandescent lamp and used at a color temperature of (2900±100)K. The power supply is a stable direct current, and the current fluctuation range is within ±0.5% (Including temperature, short-term and long-term stability);

The lens system is used to condense the light into a parallel beam with a diameter of at least 20mm. The light-emitting hole of the photocell should be located at the focal point of the lens in front of it, and its diameter (d) should depend on the focal length (f) of the lens so that d/f is less than 0.04;

Detector and imported silicon photodiode probe, photodetection chamber has 0.1% linear stability, 10-bit measurement range, the spectral distribution responsivity of silicon photodiode is consistent with CIE (illumination curve), and the standard function V(γ) can reach At least ±5% accuracy;

The 90% response time of the optical attenuation system does not exceed 3s;

2.5 Sample gas collection device The tube piercing test sampling tube, made of SS304, has a detachable design to facilitate the removal of carbides accumulated in the sampling tube and reduce system delay time
2. Gas and its control system
3.1 Burner The special T-burner for mattress burning is composed of main and side burners. It is installed on a mobile trolley and equipped with standard weights and feet. The height of the T-burner head is adjustable and the material is SS304;
3.2 Ignition device Long open flame ignition method is adopted, remote ignition is possible, safe and the ignition success rate is not less than 99%;
The main and side combustion heads are equipped with a long open flame ignition device, and the device is equipped with a gas supply pipe separately, which does not affect the flow of the combustion head and can be individually adjusted through a needle valve;
Equipped with a spark ignition device to ignite a long open flame, without manual ignition, safe and remote control;
3.3 Combustion head gas flow control The main and side burners are respectively equipped with mass flow meters to control the propane flow;
Adopt American Alicat mass flowmeter, medium is propane, range 0-450mg/s, accuracy ±(0.8%rdg+0.2%F.S.), response time 0.1s;
The gas flow is controlled by software, and the flame time is automatically controlled;
3.4 Calibrated sand burner Calibrated sand burner
Equipped with long open flame ignition device and electric spark ignition device, remote ignition is possible, safe and high success rate;
3.5 Calibrated gas flow control Using American Alicat mass flowmeter, the medium is propane, the range is 0-7g/s, the accuracy is ±(0.8%rdg+0.2%F.S.), the response time is 0.1s, and the maximum calibration flame is 300kw;
The calibration gas flow is controlled by software, which can automatically control the stepped calibration flame source with output 75kw/160kw;
3.6 Control System Use Omron PLC to control the gas flow, equipped with a gas cut-off device, safe and reliable;
Separate configuration of gas control box, safe and convenient for operation and maintenance;
  1. Flue gas processing system
4.1 Flue gas filtration

Equipped with a three-stage filter device, long-term filtration of dust in the flue gas:

First grade glass fiber cotton coarse filter, filter large particles of carbides in the flue gas, and the filter material can be quickly replaced;

The second-class American Parker filter, the filter element is PTFE, the precision is 2μm, and the filter element can be quickly removed and replaced;

Three-stage PTFE membrane filtration, with an accuracy of 0.5μm, effectively cut off moisture;

4.2 Cold trap Compression pump type cold trap, cooling capacity 320KJ/h, temperature control accuracy 0.1℃, static change 0.1K, self-starting and maintenance-free
4.3 Steam trap Automatically drain the cooling water generated by the cold trap, free of maintenance;
4.4 Drying column Used to dry the residual water vapor in the sample gas, it can be quickly disassembled and replaced with the drying medium
4.5 Sampling pump German KNF vacuum sampling pump, with a sampling capacity of 16L/min, can continuously output a sampling pressure of 50KPa, with high air tightness, low noise and low vibration
4.6 Rotameter Imported rotameter with a range of 0-1.5L/min, which can stabilize the output sample gas flow and reduce the measurement error caused by the fluctuation of the gas flow;
3. Gas concentration analysis system
5.1 Gas analyzer (Servomex)

Imported O2 analyzer, paramagnetic O2 concentration analysis, measurement range 0-21%, accuracy 0.01%, response time no more than 12s, analyzer drift and noise no more than 100ppm within 30min;

Linear deviation: ≤1%F.S.;

Repeatability: ≤0.5F.S.

Zero floating rain: ≤1%F.S./7D;

Starting time: ≤30min;

Imported CO/CO2 analyzer, IR type CO/CO2 concentration analysis, measuring range CO: 0-1%, accuracy 0.01%, CO2: 0-10%, accuracy 0.01%, and the response time does not exceed 12s.
3. Data Acquisition System
6.1 Acquisition module

Using Advantech acquisition module,

The gas concentration collection accuracy is 100×10-6;

The temperature collection accuracy is 0.1℃;

The pressure difference collection accuracy is 0.1Pa;

The time acquisition accuracy is 0.1s;

Other signals are 0.1% of the full-scale output value;

6.2 data collection

The system records and stores the following data at least every 3s:

The pressure difference of the bidirectional probe, Pa;

Pipe temperature, K;

O2 concentration, %;

CO concentration, %;

CO2 concentration, %;

Mass flow rate of propane, mg/s

Time, s

7. Standard operating software
The standard operating software includes the following functions
7.1 System status monitoring Read the status and signal value of each sensor in the system;
7.2 Sensor calibration Sensor calibration for temperature, wind pressure, light path, concentration analysis, etc.
7.3 System calibration 16CFR1633 Standard system step calibration procedure
7.4 Standard operating procedure 16CFR1633 standard operation procedure
7.5 Report review Raw data access and export test report
7. Other auxiliary equipment
7.1 Sample test framework Welded by 38mm steel angle iron, the size is 1900*990*115mm
7.2 Location tooling 1 Used to confirm the vertical position of the mattress and the test frame, the material is SS304
7.3 Location tooling 2 Used to confirm the distance between the combustion head and the mattress, made of aluminum alloy
7.4 VCR Video of admission test
7.5 Pull force scale Used to confirm the force exerted by the main combustion head on the surface of the mattress
7.6 Desktop PC AdvanTech industrial computer and integrated data acquisition interface improve the stability of system operation.




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