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What is the significance of the determination of oil flash point index?

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Company News
What is the significance of the determination of oil flash point index?
Latest company news about What is the significance of the determination of oil flash point index?

Oil Flash Point Determination Preferred Automatic Opening Flash Point Tester
Flash point index is one of the indicators of oil products, and it can also qualitatively judge the content changes of light components and heavy components. It is one of the mandatory inspection indicators for most oil products, especially fuel oil.
Definition of oil flash point:
The flash point refers to the low temperature at which the mixture of vapor and air escaping from the heated oil comes into contact with the flame and flashes instantaneously under specified conditions. The flash point is the low temperature at which a tiny explosion occurs. When the flammable gas content in the mixture reaches a certain concentration, it can explode in case of fire.
The significance of determining the flash point index of oil products:

(1) From the flash point of the oil, the weight of the distillate composition can be judged. The general rule is: the higher the vapor pressure of the oil, the lighter the distillate composition, the lower the flash point of the oil. Conversely, oils with heavier distillate compositions have higher flash points.
(2) The risk of fire of oil can be identified from the flash point. Because the flash point is the low temperature at which a fire hazard occurs. The lower the flash point, the more flammable the oil and the greater the fire hazard. So flammable liquids are also classified according to their flash point. Liquids with a flash point below 45°C are called flammable liquids, and those with a flash point above 45°C are called flammable liquids. Various fire prevention measures for transportation, storage and use can be determined according to the flash point.

(3) For some lubricating oils, the simultaneous determination of the open and closed flash points can be used as an indicator that the oil contains low-boiling contaminants for production inspection. Usually, the open flash point is 20-30°C higher than the closed flash point, because a part of the oil vapor volatilizes when the open flash point is measured. However, if the difference between the two results is too large, it means that the oil has light fractions, and there may be cracking during distillation, or incomplete solvent separation during dewaxing or refining.
(4) For fuel oil, the closed method is used instead of the open method, because the former is closer to the oil and gas condition of fuel oil in the storage tank. When studying fire hazard, it is inevitable to consider how to divide the temperature and limit of danger. For fuel oil whose temperature exceeds the flash point, it is generally not stored and transported in open containers.


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