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Textile color fastness testing

Thank you for a very very fast quote. I'm really impressed.

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Dealing with the Seller was no problem at all. We are in Chicago IL and the order arrived in less days than I thought and everything was good. Thanks

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We have recieved the equipment and done the first tests with it. It works without any problem and we are happy with the product quality. Many Thanks

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Thanks for your prompt reply and excellent customer service.

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Confirming I have received the items and very happy with the quality. Thanks again and we will keep you in mind for future equipment!

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Company News
Textile color fastness testing
Latest company news about Textile color fastness testing

Textile color fastness testing, color fastness (Color fastness) is also known as dyeing fastness, dyeing fastness. Refers to the color of textiles to the processing and use of the process of various roles have the resistance. It is dyed fabric in the use or processing process, by external factors (extrusion, friction, washing, rain, exposure, light, seawater impregnation, saliva impregnation, water stains, sweat stains, etc.) under the action of the degree of fading.


Poor color fastness of the product in the process of wearing, encounter rain, sweat will cause the fabric pigment off fading, the molecules of dyes and heavy metal ions may be absorbed by the body through the skin and endanger human skin health, but also lead to other clothing worn on the body is stained, or with other clothing when washing dirty other clothing. Color fastness of good and poor, directly affect the health and safety of the human body. Therefore, the color fastness of the test is particularly important.


The test generally contains soap fastness, rubbing fastness, sweat fastness, water fastness, light fastness (sunlight) fastness, seawater fastness, saliva fastness, chlorine fastness, dry cleaning fastness, heat pressure fastness, etc.


In the color fastness test, the color fastness is rated mainly by the degree of discoloration of the dyed material and the degree of staining of the lining material, except for the light fastness, which is grade eight, and the rest are grade five. The higher the grade, the better the color fastness.


Because the test products in the processing and use of different conditions, the requirements are different, so most of the current test methods are according to the role of the environment and conditions of the simulation test or comprehensive test, so the dyeing fastness of the test method content is very extensive. However, if we look at the standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO), the American Association of Dyers and Chemists (AATCC), Japan (JIS) and the United Kingdom (BS), the most common ones are washing resistance, light resistance, rub resistance and sweat resistance, ironing resistance and weather resistance. In practice, mainly based on the end use of the product and product standards to determine the test items, such as woolen textile product standards must be tested for sunlight fastness, knitted underwear to test the fastness to sweat stains, outdoor textiles (such as umbrellas, light box cloth, canopy materials) to test its weather fastness to color.


If you want to know more information about the product, please click the following link, thank you!

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