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Petroleum products copper sheet corrosion determination method steps

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Company News
Petroleum products copper sheet corrosion determination method steps
Latest company news about Petroleum products copper sheet corrosion determination method steps

Instruments, materials, reagents preparation

1. copper corrosion tester

2. test tube with rubber stopper

3. colorimetric test tube: flat type, the end of the experiment for testing, or storage for holding the corrosion of copper

4. jig: for grinding when the copper sheet clamping without damage to the edge with

5. thermometer

6 grinding material: silicon carbide or aluminum oxide sandpaper

7. stainless steel test bullet

8 copper: purity greater than 99.99% of electrolytic copper

9. Quantitative filter paper: absorb the washing solvent on the filter paper

10. stainless steel tweezers

11. washing solvent: analytical pure isooctane or standard isooctane

12. high type beaker

13. corrosion standard color plate: stored away from light

Experimental preparation

1. copper treatment: use silicon carbide or alumina sandpaper to remove the defects on the six sides of the copper sheet, after polishing the copper sheet requires no defects, no stains, no metal chips, uniform color.

2. soaking the copper sheet in washing solvent after wiping off the metal chips from the copper sheet with quantitative filter paper.

3. remove the copper sheet from the washing solvent, moisten the sheet with a drop of detergent and wipe the sheet with a piece of degreasing cotton to remove all metal shavings.

4. copper corrosion instrumentation and equipment inspection

(1) check whether the instrument power supply and housing are well grounded.

(2) check whether the water bath to test the operating requirements of the water level.

(3) check whether the temperature sensor in the bath is normal.

Experimental steps

1. place the test instrument smoothly, turn on the power, so that the water bath temperature is maintained at 50OC ± 1OC.

2. pour the oil sample under test into a clean, dry test tube.

3. immerse the final polished, clean copper sheet into the specimen in that test tube within 1 minute.

4. placing the tube in a water bath maintained at a temperature of 50OC ± 1OC and recording the start time of the experiment.

5. after 3 hours ± 5 minutes in the water bath, remove the test tube containing the copper sheet from the apparatus.

6. immediately remove the copper sheet from the test tube with stainless steel tweezers and immerse it in a tall beaker with washing solvent to wash off the specimen.

7. immediately remove the copper sheet and use quantitative filter paper to absorb the washing solvent on the copper sheet.

8. compare the copper sheet with the corrosion standard color plate to check the signs of discoloration or corrosion, when comparing, the copper sheet can be placed in a flat test tube, the copper sheet and the corrosion standard color plate to the light into 45O angle refraction way to hold, to observe

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