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Non-woven fabric square centimeter grammage test method

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Company News
Non-woven fabric square centimeter grammage test method
Latest company news about Non-woven fabric square centimeter grammage test method

      To test the grammage of nonwoven fabric in square meters, we need the following tools: a piece of fabric to be tested (the size of a 100cm² circle can be cut out) a 100 square centimeter disc sampler, a sampler spacer, a 300g/0.01 gram balance, and a 200g calibration weight.

The test method is as follows:

1. We first use the 100 square centimeter disc sampler to cut a 100cm² sample of the measured material:

The fabric will need to be laid flat on the rubber gasket, the sampling knife placed on the fabric, and then the sampling knife safety switch pulled out, at this time, the left hand to hold the sampling knife does not move, the right hand to hold the handle of the sampler, press down the clockwise rotation of more than 90 °, and then take away the sampler, at this time we can see the sample sampling completed. Here I want to remind you that the sampling knife switch will be returned after the completion of sampling, in order to avoid cuts.

2. Then we have to weigh the sample taken out:

We will first calibrate the gram balance to ensure that the weight weighed out is accurate. Balance on, press and hold the balance calibration button, the balance display out "

CAL" on the balance display and let go. After a few seconds on the display will come out a value, this is the calibration needs to use the weight of the weight. 300g balance calibration is generally required 200g standard weights. At this time we put the 200g weight prepared in advance on it. The balance will jump on the display, and after a few seconds will come out again 200g, then the calibration is complete. After the balance is calibrated, we put on the sample we just sampled, and the weight weighed out will be known.

3. Calculate the grammage of the nonwoven:

We multiply the weight we just weighed out by 100, which is the gram weight of the nonwoven. Many people question why the weight is multiplied by 100. Let me explain here that we are calculating the grammage of the nonwoven (the weight of one square meter), and the weight we weigh is the weight of 100 square centimeters, so we have to multiply it by 100 when calculating the grammage.

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