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How to test the fire resistance of the fire shutter door ?

Thank you for a very very fast quote. I'm really impressed.

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Dealing with the Seller was no problem at all. We are in Chicago IL and the order arrived in less days than I thought and everything was good. Thanks

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We have recieved the equipment and done the first tests with it. It works without any problem and we are happy with the product quality. Many Thanks

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Company News
How to test the fire resistance of the fire shutter door ?
Latest company news about How to test the fire resistance of the fire shutter door ?

#Fire testing equipment  #vertical flammability chamber

The world's awareness of fire prevention is getting higher and higher, but even so, we still cannot avoid some accidents. In addition to enhancing fire awareness, we also need some fire prevention tools. So how can we confirm the qualification and effectiveness of this fire protection tool?

Here has a #Fire resistance Test Furnaces to show you how it works.

The fire shutter door plays the same role as the fire wall and plays the role of horizontal fire separation. It consists of 13 parts such as curtain plate, seat plate, guide rail, support, reel, box body, control box, rolling door machine, limiter, door lintel, manual quick release switch device, button switch and safety device. In places where it is inconvenient to be separated by a firewall.

Such as: open elevator halls, escalators, large business halls of department stores, exhibition halls of exhibition buildings, and parts of buildings with large openings that cannot use fire doors and windows. Fire shutter doors are widely used in construction projects, so that fire separation has been widely used.

#The fire resistance test will be carried out in accordance with the international standard "Fire resistance test methods for doors and shutters" #BS 476 Part 2024, EN 1363, to meet the requirements of various judgment conditions including the temperature rise of the back fire surface.

The fire resistance limit ≥ 3.0h is called a special-grade fire shutter door, and all those that do not take the temperature rise of the back fire surface as the judgment condition in the fire resistance test are collectively referred to as ordinary fire shutter doors.

So lucky, there has a test equipment for testing this fire shutter door. Its The Indicative Fire Resistance Test Furnaces.

The Indicative Fire Resistance Test Furnaces provide a method of quantifying the ability of a material or assembly to withstand exposure to high temperatures using only a fraction of the material required by large full-scale furnaces.
This furnace is also ideal for evaluating the fire performance of dampers and penetration seals for building services.


System Description
• Four sides of the walls are lined with special high temperature insulating fire bricks on the hot face and precast refractory castables at the edges exposed to the specimen restraint frame as well as mineral boards on the cold face.
• A refractory lined Blank-Out Wall with lifting hooks is also supplied. This enables the user to close one side of the furnace wall when either a vertical or a horizontal test specimen is mounted for testing.
• A set of two self-locking clamps are used to secure the test specimen restraint frame to the furnace. An air-cooled viewing port made of heat resistant quartz glass is installed in the rear wall to enable the operator to see the behavior of the entire test specimen during a fire test.
• A sliding shutter door made of lightweight alumina fiberboard is supplied to shield off the furnace heat when the viewing port is not in use.
• Approximate dimensions:
internal chamber measuring 1500mm (W) ×1500mm (H) × 1500mm (D).
Other system components for the # Indicative Fire Resistance Test Furnace

Pub Time : 2022-05-03 13:46:05 >> News list
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