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How to Determine the Quality of Mattress

Thank you for a very very fast quote. I'm really impressed.

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Dealing with the Seller was no problem at all. We are in Chicago IL and the order arrived in less days than I thought and everything was good. Thanks

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We have recieved the equipment and done the first tests with it. It works without any problem and we are happy with the product quality. Many Thanks

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Thanks for your prompt reply and excellent customer service.

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Company News
How to Determine the Quality of Mattress
Latest company news about How to Determine the Quality of Mattress


Now people's living standards have improved, the pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, it is said that one-third of life is used for sleep, then sleep quality to be good, is indispensable for a good mattress, mattress quality is good or bad lies in whether the mattress after the rolling test.


Mattress rolling test machine is used to test the durability of the mattress. With the improvement of people's living standards, now often consumers buy a mattress for tens of thousands of dollars, when it looks perfect, thinking it should be able to sleep for eight years, but did not expect to sleep for a year and a half, the middle is not collapsing a pit, or a variety of deformation, the heart of the bitterness, then if the mattress after rolling test machine test, "mattress rolling test certificate "of the mattress, should not worry about the above problems.


To let the mattress product performance indicators can be all-round and accurate comprehensive assessment, at the same time order let the mattress enterprise save the laboratory use of space, but also the mattress enterprise can save the test time, save the cost of experimental expenses, etc., this new mattress roll tester can be fully realized in the same equipment.

A, According to the standard: QB/T 1952.2-2011

T/SZFA 2003.1-2019 "mattress ergonomic evaluation mattress hardness grading and distribution test evaluation method
l6.1 Method A - determination of mattress hardness grade
l6.2 Method B - Determination of the hardness of the mattress layers
T/SZFA 2003.2-2019 "mattress ergonomic evaluation mattress fit quantitative and evaluation methods


B, The main technical indicators parameters.
(1) movable test platform: 2.5m * 2.5m * 0.4m
(2) Table surface ventilation holes: 6mm diameter, hole distance 20mm
(4) mechanical sensors: 5KN × 1
(5) requires a roller: diameter 300mm × 1000, payload: 1400 ± 7 N
(6) rolling distance: center left and right rolling 250 mm (a total of 500 mm)
(7) speed control display: sine curve graph
(8) Cycle times: 5 to 16 ± 2 /min can be set
(9) Load sensor test range: 0 - 2 kN
(10) Rolling speed 0. 5 - 20000 mm/min.

The current equipment on the market can only independently solve the mattress rolling performance test, height test machine, soft and hardness assessment experiments, and independent assessment of the fit. Need to complete all the above test items need two or three sets of equipment. New mattress standards involve several performance test indicators integrated into a single device to achieve, and can intelligently report a comprehensive assessment of mattress rolling performance indicators, height data indicators, softness and hardness performance indicators, fit performance indicators, and other data.

Pub Time : 2022-09-20 16:50:43 >> News list
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