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How to calibrate the oil trace moisture tester

Thank you for a very very fast quote. I'm really impressed.

—— Abdul Malek (Malaysia)

Dealing with the Seller was no problem at all. We are in Chicago IL and the order arrived in less days than I thought and everything was good. Thanks

—— Roger( America)

Very Good to deal with! Great Communication through Email. I got it in no time.....less than 5 days.....

—— Raymond(America)

We have recieved the equipment and done the first tests with it. It works without any problem and we are happy with the product quality. Many Thanks

—— Ercan Arslan (Turkey)

Thanks for your prompt reply and excellent customer service.

—— Lisa (America)

Confirming I have received the items and very happy with the quality. Thanks again and we will keep you in mind for future equipment!

—— David Kraus(America)

Always great to work with Skyline!

—— Tharrett Dallas

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Company News
How to calibrate the oil trace moisture tester
Latest company news about How to calibrate the oil trace moisture tester

Share the analysis of the use and maintenance of the electrolytic cell of the micro moisture meter


Trace moisture meter is also known as Karl-Fischer moisture meter, similar to moisture meter, moisture meter, moisture meter, moisture detector, moisture measuring instrument, moisture analyzer. The use and maintenance of the electrolytic cell of the micro-moisture tester of Tianjin Jianyu Technology Co. Gently shake the electrolytic cell of the micro moisture meter a few times to make the water on the inner wall of the cell bottle be fully absorbed by the electrolyte, then put the electrolytic cell into the holder, turn on the stirring switch, adjust the stirring speed so that the liquid surface forms a small vortex; insert the measuring electrode plug and the electrolytic electrode plug into the corresponding socket of the main unit and make good contact with them, turn on the electrolytic switch.

Adjust the balance of electrolyte. If the electrolytic cell is still in the state of deep over iodine, take 10ul of distilled water each time with 50ul microsampler, wipe the needle with filter paper, press the start button, inject it into the electrolytic cell below the liquid level through the hole in the middle of the injection screw in several times, observe the color change of the electrolyte at any time until the electrolyte becomes light yellow, the measurement signal light and electrolytic signal light have green light indication, and the counter starts until the counting stops, then stop stirring, pick up the electrolytic cell and shake it gently a few times to make the moisture on the inner wall of the cell bottle be absorbed again, and the calibration can be done after the end point alarm.

Calibrate the micro-moisture tester. After the electrolyte is stabilized, take 0.3ul of distilled water with 0.5ul micro feeder, wipe the needle with filter paper, press the start button and inject it below the liquid level, the instrument starts to count and reaches the end point, showing 300±30ug of water, calibrate 2~3 times continuously, the count value is within that required range, which means the instrument is accurate.

The ZRSF-11133 oil trace moisture tester from Beijing Xinsheng Zhuorui Technology Co. Color touch display, rich software interface, operation content Chinese character prompt, flexible, convenient in addition to a high detection sensitivity threshold, simple operation, fast testing speed, good repeatability, etc.; also has a test result storage, printing function; sample determination process is automatically controlled by the instrument, stirring, measurement about 60 seconds automatically completed, directly display the measurement results; fully sealed titration cell bottle, to avoid contact between reagents and people, and also to avoid the influence of environmental humidity; the instrument is not only a good choice, but also a good choice. Also avoid the influence of environmental humidity; instrument Chinese liquid crystal display, and has automatic calculation and printing function, can print out the percentage content, sample number, tester, experimental date, etc.; simple operation, high accuracy, is the petroleum, chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical, pesticide industry and scientific research institutions to test the moisture content of the test instrument, is the standard method of moisture determination in many substances.

1. Instrument accuracy: ①When the water content is less than 10 micrograms of water, the error of measurement value is less than 2ug water; ②When the water content is 10 micrograms-1000 micrograms of water, the error of measurement ≤ 2ug water; ③When the water content is more than 1000 micrograms, the difference of measurement value is ≤ 0.2% (excluding the error of feeding).

2. Main features: 1. capable of microanalysis of low content samples with high sensitivity. 2. infinite storage of experimental results. 3. friendly human-computer dialogue, with a touch screen way of human-computer interactive interface. 4. display clock (year, month, day, hour, minute, second), power-down hold.

5. Printer: thermal type, 36 characters, Chinese character output. 6. program control, direct digital input from the interface to adjust the mixing speed. 7. multiple formula selection, automatic replacement of display units (ug, mg / L, ppm, %) can be memorized.

3. technical parameters: 1. display: LCD color large screen touch display; 2. measurement range: 0.0001% (1ppm) to 100%; 3. sensitivity threshold: 0.01ugH2O.

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