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How to calibrate the flame for horizontal and vertical combustion tester

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Company News
How to calibrate the flame for horizontal and vertical combustion tester
Latest company news about How to calibrate the flame for horizontal and vertical combustion tester

Horizontal vertical Flammability tester, is developed according to the standard GB-T2408-2008, * the technical requirements stipulated in the national standard GB/T2408. With the special type holder can be in the same instrument for plastic horizontal combustion and vertical combustion of two methods of testing, automatic recording of the test time. Compared with similar instruments, it has the advantages of high degree of automation, accurate time recording and automatic display test results.

Horizontal vertical combustion tester provides for the horizontal and vertical direction of the sample placed in the laboratory with a small flame ignition source to determine the burning speed of the sample, flameless burning and flameless burning time.

Product case shell for galvanized plate cold-rolled electrostatic spraying, and configured with transparent observation window, automatic recording of the application of flame, afterflame, afterburning time; test data can be stored, you can access the test history data; with a silent exhaust, test combustion fumes safely discharged; horizontal, vertical combustion specimen clip motor control, no manual adjustment; application of flame after the end of the Bunsen burner automatically returned, reducing the manual operation tedious.


Horizontal vertical combustion tester apparatus installed equipment before ignition precautions

1. The gas tank should be equipped with medium pressure pressure reducing valve, the gas tank pressure reducing valve adjusted to the maximum (screw all screwed in, the least exposed outside).

2. When using for the first time, put the gas on for a while after it is connected, so that the air in the pipe can be exhausted first.

3. The first time to ignite the air at the lower end of the torch as soon as possible with the knurled nut above all cover, ignite the fire and then adjust the blue flame.

4. Ignition needle in the spray inside the light above the edge of the mouth, and the distance from the mouth of the torch within 5mm.


5. Can not hold the ignition key for a long time, otherwise it will cause damage to the igniter overload each ignition time can not exceed 5 seconds.

6. After the gas flow valve is closed to the right, then rotate to the left about 4 turns is the easiest to light the fire.

Horizontal vertical combustion tester scope of application and standards

Design national standard: GB-T2408-2008 "Test of burning properties of plastics - horizontal and vertical method

Horizontal vertical combustion tester applicable standards: UL94-2006, GB-T 5455, GJB360B-2009, GB-T13488, GB-T5169, IEC60695-11-3, IEC60695-11-4, IEC60950-1, IEC695-2-2

Suspend the sensor according to the above figure, the flame is applied to the copper head when the temperature is lower than 50 degrees, the temperature rises to 100 degrees, the time relay automatically starts timing, when the temperature rises to 700 degrees, the time relay will automatically give stop timing, at this time the time relay shows the time if 44S±2S then the flame can be used for the test, if not in this time range, then adjust the size and intensity of the flame, from a new calibration until the time is within 44S±2S.

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