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Breakdown voltage tester test method and test method

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Company News
Breakdown voltage tester test method and test method
Latest company news about Breakdown voltage tester test method and test method

Dielectric Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

latest company news about Breakdown voltage tester test method and test method  0

Test methods.

1、Insulation specimen breakdown in air, voltage withstand test or step test; 2、Insulation specimen breakdown in oil immersion, voltage withstand test or step test.

Note: According to user requirements, other test methods can be customized.

Test methods.
DC test: 1、Uniform step-up voltage 2、Step-up voltage 3、Voltage resistance test
AC test: 1、Uniform voltage boost 2、Step voltage boost 3、Voltage resistance test

◇ The test is carried out in the test box, and the power supply is not added to the input of the high-voltage transformer when the door of the test box is opened, that is, there is no voltage on the high-voltage side. 100KV test equipment high-voltage electrode is more than 370mm away from the wall of the test box, 50KV test equipment high-voltage electrode is more than 250mm away from the wall of the test box.

The distance between the high-voltage electrode and the wall of the test chamber is more than 250mm, so there is no danger even if people touch the wall of the chamber during the test.
◇ The equipment should be installed with a separate protective ground. The main purpose of connecting the protective ground is to reduce the strong electromagnetic interference generated around the specimen when it breaks down. It can also avoid the control computer from losing control.


It meets the requirements of GB1408.1-2006 "Test Method for Electrical Strength of Insulation Material, Part 1; Test under Industrial Frequency" Part 2: Additional Requirements for Application of DC Voltage Test", GB/T1695-2005 "Method for Determination of Industrial Frequency Breakdown Voltage Strength and Withstand Voltage of Vulcanized Rubber", GB/T 3333-1999 "Test Method for Industrial Frequency Breakdown Voltage of Cable Paper", HG/T T 3330 Insulation paint film breakdown strength measurement method, GB/T 12656-1990 "capacitor paper frequency breakdown voltage measurement method", GB/T1981 and ASTM D149 standard requirements design and manufacture.



Equipment input voltage: AC 100KV (common test room power are compatible).
2, test voltage mode: AC 0--100 KV.
DC 0 - 100 KV.
3、Appliance capacity: 10KVA.
4, test method: 0-100KV full range adjustable (using high-precision voltage sampling device).
5、Breakdown and withstand voltage test boost rate.
0.1 KV/S
0.2 KV/S
0.5 KV/S
1.5 KV/S
2 KV/S
2.5 KV/S
3.0 KV/S (this meets the requirements of the standard inner pole rapid voltage rise test).



1, running in WIN XP/WIN7/WIN8 system under the independent installation software, friendly interface, simple operation

2, the experimental display curve, automatic storage of data, automatic search

3, a variety of uses can be AC, DC test test accurate, reliable and safe

4, computer control of the test process, automatic judgment stop, automatic reset

5, over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, leakage, misoperation and a variety of protection


Test software.
1, dielectric breakdown strength tester in the test process can draw real-time curve of the boost breakdown process, each test boost curve is composed of different colors, the test can be superimposed after the end of the test to compare the repeatability of the material test data.
2、You can retrieve the current and historical test data at any time to view, edit and modify the parameters.
3、The test conditions and storage path can be modified at any time during the test and the test results can be stored automatically.
4, the test process, the software can be used at any time to decide whether the test is valid, to facilitate the screening of test results.

5、Operating password can be set, so that the dedicated machine is operated by a dedicated person to avoid misuse by unrelated personnel.


Note: According to the standards of different industries, we can customize the special test functions required by industry standards for you according to the user's requirements, based on your industry standards.

Overcurrent protection device should be sensitive enough to ensure that the specimen breakdown within 0.1S cut off the power.
Leakage current selection: 1-100 mA can be set freely by the computer software.
The instrument adopts the uniform voltage regulation method without contacting the original (eliminating the mechanical drive voltage boosting method in the product).
Support short-circuit test requirements in a short period of time.
One test can do 5 specimens.
Voltage measurement error: ≤2%.
Test voltage continuously adjustable: 0-100 KV
Withstand voltage time setting: 0-6 hours (can be set continuously through the software).
Host size: 1500mm * 1200mm * 1600mm (length, width and height).
Host weight: about 200KG.



1、Breakdown strength tester should have independent grounding wire when installed.
2、Before starting the machine, the operator should first be familiar with the operation method.
3, the instrument can not be used in the gas environment with strong corrosive gas and particulate impurities.
4, the test environment temperature between 15 degrees to 25 degrees, relative humidity between 60% to 70%
5, the specimen breakdown moment there are sparks and accompanied by sound, is a normal phenomenon.
6、Each time when replacing the specimen or contacting the high-voltage electrode, the high-voltage electrode must be discharged with a high-voltage discharge rod for more than 5 seconds.

7, each time before the test, must check the instrument grounding.


High-voltage breakdown safety instructions.

◇The circuit of this test equipment is equipped with a number of protection measures, mainly: over-current protection, loss of voltage protection, leakage protection, short-circuit protection, DC test discharge alarm, etc.
◇DC test discharge alarm function: When the equipment is done with DC test, the equipment will automatically alarm when the test door is opened, until the alarm is automatically cancelled after using the discharge device on the equipment to discharge. (Note: Because it will be dangerous to personal safety if it is not discharged after DC test, you cannot directly
Take the electrode, to remind the user to discharge so as not to cause personal injury).

◇ Test discharge device, with the host for the integration, improved the previous separate equipped with a discharge rod function.

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