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100V 50A Lab Testing Equipment With Battery Module & PACK Inspection System

100V 50A Lab Testing Equipment With Battery Module & PACK Inspection System

  • 100V 50A Lab Testing Equipment With Battery Module & PACK Inspection System
100V 50A Lab Testing Equipment With Battery Module & PACK Inspection System
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Dongguan
Brand Name: Skyline
Certification: CE
Model Number: Battery Module & PACK Inspection
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 UNIT
Price: Negoitable
Packaging Details: plywood case
Delivery Time: 15 workingdays
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Supply Ability: 1 pcs/ month
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Detailed Product Description
Material Mode: 100V50A-H Channel Control Mode: Independent Control
Input Power: 47.1KW Input Current: 71.5A
Minimum Discharge Voltage: 3V Single Channel Output Power: 5KW
Overall Channel Output Power: 40KW
High Light:

100V 50A Lab Testing Equipment


PACK Inspection Lab Testing Equipment

100V 50A Battery Module & PACK Inspection System Lab Testing Equipment

100V, 50A Battery Module & PACK Inspection System

Product Description of Lab Testing Equipment:

1. power battery simulation test, multiplier test.

2. cycle life testing.

3, Power, capacity and energy testing.

4, Virtual grouping of power battery packs: charge and discharge curve fitting, battery consistency testing and assessment.

5, High multiplier charging and discharging capacity testing.

6, Power battery and energy storage battery series module testing: single cell voltage, single cell temperature monitoring (high voltage equipment).


Functional features (some functions require customisation):

1, High performance charge/discharge testing platform developed specifically for high power density battery modules (packs).

2, Using AC/DC and DC/DC two-stage high frequency isolation modular design, combined with low temperature drift, high performance multi-channel 24-bit ADC analog-to-digital conversion chip, the steady-state accuracy is higher than traditional equipment.

3, High power density of the system, with multi-channel integration and energy recovery function.

4, HMI operation, one key intelligent automatic calibration.

5, Multiple BMS adaptability, support charge/discharge same/different port, support relay/MOS BMS scheme; support independent CAN and RS485 communication extension; support DBC configuration function.

6, Remote control of the upper computer via Ethernet, parallel connection of channels, support for pulse and working condition simulation.

7, Human-machine interface design, system functions are simple and easy to operate; support a number of custom settings; equipped with regular calibration automatic reminder service.


System description of Lab Testing Equipment

CE-6000 Module&PACK testing system is a high precision charge/discharge equipment developed for high power battery pack testing, with high dynamic response speed, high stable accuracy, flexible configuration of multiple channels, etc. It supports pulse testing, cycle life testing and working condition simulation testing. The system is equipped with multi-channel input and energy recovery functions, which can save a large amount of electrical energy consumed during the charging and discharging process; it adopts a bi-directional high-frequency DC conversion topology, combined with a high-performance multi-channel 24-bit AD converter chip, with a higher sampling resolution than traditional single-range equipment.

100V 50A Lab Testing Equipment With Battery Module & PACK Inspection System 0

Three phase AC-DC module

  • Three phase zero free design: advanced three-phase zero free design is adopted, and the bus voltage is stable through mature and reliable  three-phase bridge PFC circuit to meet the demand for rapid response;
  • High power and low harmonic: bidirectional power factor>0.99, low current harmonic<5%, adapt to various harsh power grids, and inverter is reliably connected to the grid;
  • Soft switch design: combined with mature and excellent soft switch design, realize two-way high-frequency isolation, two-way energy flow, high efficiency and energy conservation, and high energy density;
  • Strong compatibility: excellent electromagnetic compatibility, more reliable and efficient modules.

Bi directional DC-DC module

  • Adopt BUCK-BOOST circuit: adopt efficient and reliable BUCK-BOOST circuit to realize rapid response of charging and discharging;
  • High performance LCL filter design: combined with high performance LCL filter circuit, low ripple, high precision, independent control of each channel, support channel/module parallel connection;
  •  Meet different test requirements: the topology supports flexible transformation, and can be expanded to be compatible with different charging and discharging ports and zero negative pressure discharge to meet various battery test requirements.


List of equipment accessories

List of equipment accessories
S/N Name Remark
1 Main channel current output line 3m length
2 Main channel voltage sampling list 3m length
3 Current line connected to battery terminal Noise Line
4 Auxiliary channel temperature sampling line 3m
5 AC power cord cable3m length
6 Network communication line Field configuration


Data Management and Analysis

Data segment recording function
  Each work step has independent recording conditions, which can be set in three sections according to the voltage
Data base
  Centralized management of test data using MySQL database
Data output mode
Curve Line Style
  Customizable drawing
Communication mode of upper computer
  Based on TCP/IP protocol
Internet Expansion
  LAN based, independent network segment, IP pool is set according to the number of devices
calibration Including current and voltage calibration software


Configuration Requirements of Upper Computer System


I5 or above processor, frequency above 2.4G, memory above 8G

Windows 10 Professional

System hard disk above 500G

One UPS power supply (recommended)


NEWARE Software System

BTS 8.0.X Client test control software

BTSDA8.X data analysis software

Interface port
  Internet port


Equipment maintenance of Lab Testing Equipment

Before you use Newway products, please pay attention to the following matters:

  • Please select the model of the power cord according to the power of the equipment, and check the voltage rating before connecting the equipment to the power socket to ensure that the required voltage and frequency match the actual power supply;
  • Do not mix new and old batteries or batteries of different models for testing;
  • When working with multiple equipment, do not close the equipment too close, which may lead to air return or air preheating, and is not convenient for equipment maintenance;
  • Do not disassemble or assemble the circuit board without authorization to avoid communication errors or equipment damage;
  • Before using the equipment, please power on the equipment to check whether it is normal and whether the probe of the battery clamp has been damaged. If it is damaged, it can not be used and a label should be pasted to make comments for timely maintenance;
  • When installing the battery on the fixture, please pay attention to the correct connection between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery and the fixture;
  • When putting in the battery, it is necessary to adjust the spacing between the upper and lower baffles of the clamp, and the lower clamp shall be pressed down at least half to ensure good contact. If the spacing between clamps is too small, it is easy to scratch the battery; Too much battery looseness will affect the accuracy of test data;
  • Please set the work steps correctly during the test, otherwise the battery will be damaged and even lead to safety accidents;
  • When the internal temperature of the equipment exceeds 50 ℃, please check whether the fan works normally;
  • In case of abnormal voltage and current data of a channel during use, stop using the channel immediately, affix a label, and contact the after-sales department of Xinwei for maintenance.
  • The equipment you are using is a product with excellent design and process and should be used with care. The following suggestions will help you use the warranty service effectively.
  • In order to ensure the best performance of the equipment and accurate test accuracy, it is recommended to conduct calibration once a year;
  • When upgrading or reinstalling a new version of software, please uninstall the previous version first;
  • Please use the equipment according to the instructions in this manual, and do not try other methods;
  • Keep the equipment dry. Rainwater, moisture and various liquids or moisture may corrode the electronic circuit;
  • The equipment shall be kept clean and shall not be used or stored in dusty or dirty places. This will damage its removable parts and electronic components;
  • Do not store the equipment in an overheated place. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic equipment;
  • Do not store the equipment in a too cold place, otherwise when the temperature of the equipment rises to normal temperature, moisture will form inside, which will damage the circuit board;
  • Do not knock or vibrate the equipment. Rough treatment of equipment will destroy the internal circuit board and precise structure;
  • Do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the equipment;
  • When replacing parts, only matched or approved parts can be used. Unapproved parts, modifications or accessories will affect the working performance of the equipment, or even damage the equipment;
  • Always make a backup for the data to be retained (such as test data, capacity sharing data, etc.).

The correct use and maintenance of the equipment will help you to better play the product performance. Our long-term customer survey and after-sales service practice show that in many cases, equipment failures are caused by improper operation or careless maintenance methods. If the equipment cannot work normally, we suggest you read the user manual of this product carefully or contact Xinwei customer service for consultation.


100V-50A-CE-6000 Battery Module & PACK Inspection ...

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